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Lothlopa pakhat khawpi ah a va feh ih rawldawr neitui’ hnenah, “Sanghrang ke a million tel in ka lo kuat thei ding. Na la duh pei maw?” tiah a sut. Rawldawr neitu cu a mang a bang zet. Ziangtin cu zatzat ih tam sanghrangpawl a ngah thei ding tiah a sut.

Lothlopa cun, “Ka inn kiang ah tili pakhat a um. Cui tilipi cu sanghrang in an khat. Zanvartei’ an ai ruangah, sanghrang ai ninum zet ka tuar ringring,” tiah a sim. Cutin rawldawr neitu le lothlopa cu sanghrang lei aw ding in an lung a kim tlang.

Lothlopa cun zarh tinte’n rawldawr ah sanghrang 500 hrawng kuat ringring ding in an lungkim.

Zarh hmaisabik ah lothlopa cu ningzak mithmai sen hiamhiam in rawldawr ah a va thleng. A kut sung ahcun sanghrang ṭawl ṭengṭi te pahnih lawng a rak keng. Rawldawr neitu cun, “Sanghrang an tampi na timi teh cu?” tiah a sut.

Cutikah lothlopa cun, “Ka rak ti sual a si. Tili sungah himi sanghrang pahnih lawng an um. Asinan an awn-au a rin le nin a um tuk ruangah ka rak ruat sual,” tiah a sim.

Curuangah mi in an lo hnoksak in na thuhla a se zawng in an rel asile tili sungih sanghrang ai-awn an si tiah ruat men aw. Taktak ahcun buainakpawl hi kan hmuh taktak hlan, khawthim lak ih an um lai ahcun, tumpi le tampi ah kan ruat sual ṭheu. Nang teh zan ihkhun par ah thaisun hrangah (sanghrang ai-awn vek) thubuai tinkim ruat in na thinlung na retheiter dah maw?

Thaizing a ra thlen tikah buainakpawl cu naite’n fiang zet in va zoh aw. Na hrangah a cinfelnak cu a rak um ti na thei ding. Cinfel can a thlen hlan, cinfel theih a si hlan tivek ah khami ruat in (sanghrang ai-awn ninum kha) nangmah lo hnoksaktu siter hlah aw. Na donhar lai ahcun tum le tam zet in na ruat ṭheu sokhaw.

Sirhsan: Thet Tant Cho – “The Frogs”

Siang Lian Uk Kianghrol

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