Feh Vivo Aw

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Feh Vivo Aw

Vei khat ah pafa hnih hi mawṭaw thawn khual an tlawng. A fapa in mawṭaw a mawng ih, a pa cu a kiang ah a to.

Cuti ih an feh rero lai ah zum lo pi’n nikhua a thleng aw ih, thlipi hrang ding vek in a um. Cutikah a fapa cun, “Pa, thlipi a hrang zik. Ziangtin kan tuah ding? Kan kir sal pei maw?” tiah a sut. A pa cun,

“Mawng vivo sawn aw, ka fa. Kan kir khal ah thlipi ihsin kan luat cuang ding maw? Kan luat lo hlei ah kan thlen zonak cin khal hi a lak ah a cang ding. Mawng vivo mei,” tiah a sawn.

Cutin an feh vivo tikah thlipi thawn an tong aw taktak. A fapa cun thinphang zet in, “Pa, beunak hmun pakhatkhat ah kan cawl pei maw? Midangpawl tla lamzin sir ah an ding ṭheh zo,” a ti lala. Asinan a pa cun, “Mawng vivo sawn aw,” a ti thotho.

A fapa khal cun a pai’ thu lung in mawṭaw cu ralringte’n a mawng vivo. Mawṭaw hmai ih rung tla thinghngepawl, hrampipawl ralringtei’ kian phah rero in, harsat zet in mawṭaw cu a mawng vivo.

Cutin an feh vivo tikah thlipi khal cu a reh can a ra thleng. Rei lo te ah van a fai riahriah ih, kiangkap boruak khal a mawi zet thlang. Cutikah a pa in a fapa cu mawṭaw a cawlhter hnu ah, “Dunglam khi hei zoh hnik, ka fapa, thlipi a hran lai ahkhan mawṭaw rak cawlter awla cun tu tiang in thlipi hrannak hmun ah na um rero lai ding. Asinan ralring le ngamhuai zet ih thlipi na run pah ruangah tuvek in a nuam mi hmunram ah na ra thleng. Nunnak khal hivek thotho hi a si. Ziangvek ih harsatnak khal thleng sehla na zuamnak kha cawlter aw hlah. Ziangvek harsatnak khal ralring le ngamhuai zet ih pah aw. Cuti ih na pah vivo ahcun harsatnak le buainak khal hi a hmun ringring mi an si lo ruangah, a nuam mi le a hahdam mi dinhmun cu na thleng leh ding. Cuti si lo in, harsatnak pakhatkhat na ton tintei’ na zuamnak na cawlhter ahcun cumi harsatnak ihsi talsuah sal ding a ol nawn lo,” tiah a sim.

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