Awkaa Neem Ih Thaazaang

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Jack (jek) timi nauhak pa in Rover tiih an kawh mi uico pakhat a nei. Nikhat cu Jack in Rover cu ‘kan vaak ding i thlun aw’ tin a sawm asinan Rover cun a thlun duh lo. Curuangah Jack cu a thinheng in Rover cu fung thawn a thawi. Rover cu a ai I inn sungah a lut. A pa in, “Jack, ziangruangah Rover cu na thawi” tiah a sut. “vaak ka sawm ih a duh lo ruangah ka thawi” tiah a ti. A pa in “Rover in I duhdawt seh ti na duh cun tuvek in na thawi ding a si lo. Minung khal, rasam khal in awkam hrang le thawi cu kan duh ciomi a si lo. A tu Rover hi awka neem(thlum) ten ko hmanh a lo thlun ko ding” tiah a ti.

Jack cun Rover hi Ui fim le ui mawi tin a lu in a taw tiang a kut in a vun zuunsak cu Rover cu a lungawi tuk I a mei hi a cang ter ciamco Jack tlun ah kai hi a tum ciam.

“Jack, zohaw; awhrang in na rak ko I fung in na thawi lai ah khan a lo țih I na duh lonak(lomi) tuah a tum. Asinan awka thlum(neemten) in na ko ruangah na duhnak bangin a lo thlun hi” tiah a pa nih a ti. Jack nih Rover cu vaak ding in a sawm sal tikah lungawi zet in a thlun sal.

“Pakhat le pakhat kan kawk(hau) awk, kan thawi awk ih awkam hrang thawn kan biak awih kan duhdawt awk lo cun ziang khal hi bawm duhnak thinlung a um lo. Asinan pakhat le pakhat awkam neem(thlum) thawn kan biak aw ih kan duhdawt awk cun ziang vek hnațuan khal hi bawmh duhnak thinlung neih cio a si. Awhrang in nan biak a si ahcun an lo țih dingih nan tlunah duhdawtnak timi thinlung an nei thei lo ding” tiah a pa nih Jack cu a sim.

∴ Curuangah nannih khal pakhat le pakhat duhdawtnak thawn nan biak awk ahcun rualpi tampi nan nei dingih na tuahțuan nak khalah hlawhtling ten na țuan/tuah suak thei vivo ding. To aw, hauawk, kawkawk ding a si lo. Thawiawk rero ding khal kan si lo.

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